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  • Intersection R45 & R301
  • Groot Drakenstein, Western Cape
  • 7680
  • +0218741021

Who are we?

It is the allure of the colour Blue…the colour of boundless distance and open skies…of meditation and tranquility…of sapphire crystals and ocean depths. It’s the grandeur of fascinating blue planet upon which we play…the mystery of life and the magic of priceless moments. It’s the spirit of the blue eucaluptys trees which welcome guests of the estate with cathedral-like importance…and the hundreds of turquoise hydrangeas standing guard at the farm’s werf’s imposing and historic entrance. Simply put, Alleé Bleue is a metaphor for the majesty of life…a place where there is an appreciation for what is truly important…and where the meaning of “real” is ultimately understood. Most ingredients on our menu are sourced from local, organic producers. And every meal is prepared using fresh food directly from the fertile gardens from our farm. So when you sit down to enjoy our offerings, you can be assured that you will receive only the best quality and most authentic tastes available. "

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Intersection R45 & R301
Groot Drakenstein Western Cape 7680