Bellingham (DGB)

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  • Franschhoek, Western Cape
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Who are we?

EVOLUTION OF THE BRAND Originally known as ‘Bellingchamp’ (pretty fields), Bellingham’s begins it’s story in 1693 with Hollander Gerrit Janse van Vuuren & his French Huguenot wife, who tilled virgin soil and planted the first 1000 vines. It was centuries later, in 1943 that Bernard Podlashuk, a pioneer and innovator acquired the farm and soon after that in 1949, that the first South African Rosé was produced. There were a couple more firsts for Bellingham with the bottling of the Premier Grand Cru in 1951 and the first Shiraz marketed in South Africa in 1956. Podlashuk went on to produce the Bellingham Johannisberger in it’s unique, curvaceous bottle in that same year, which continues to be the top selling wine in the semi-sweet category in South Africa. The 80’s & 90’s saw vineyard developments, cellar extensions and the beginning of Bellingham’s ‘classic-new world’ winemaking philosophy. The new century saw a shift in the Bellingham portfolio and the ‘The Maverick’ range of wines wa

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R 45
Franschhoek Western Cape 7670
+021 870 4200