Cape Chamonix

  • Uitkyk Street
  • Franschhoek, Western Cape
  • 7690
  • +021 876 2494

Who are we?

Cape Chamonix Wine Farm produces a range of premium wines that capture the essence and splendour of the estate. Chamonix also produces export fruit, and a superior German-style schnapps. Taste and purchase any Chamonix product daily from 9:30 am until 16:30 pm in the old Blacksmith’s Cottage, a quaint cottage built in the 18th century decorated with antique saddles and horse memorabilia.

Recent Activity

April 04

Carmen Arendse @Cape Chamonix: Indulge in dark chocolate delice with butterscotch, coffee ice cream and roasted white chocolate crumbs paired with award-winning Chamonix wines. A perfect way top spend the weekend.

7 years ago

Carmen Arendse @Cape Chamonix: Have you tried the delightful Chamonix Pinot Noir Reserve 2015, with its ruby red colour and notes of cherry on the nose.…...

7 years ago

Carmen Arendse @Cape Chamonix: It'll be easier to get through the week ahead with some award-winning wines:

7 years ago

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