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Who are we?

Over the past 63 years, Glodina’s expansive product range has provided South Africa with towels unrivalled in quality and enduring reliability. Glodina has become a household name in towels with innovation that is a hallmark of the business, and which has ensured Glodina’s place as a supplier of fine towels to the hospitality industry, as well as the preferred provider to the major South African retailers. More recently, Glodina has adopted a strategy which looks to position it alongside the best mills in the world, situating the business to pursue opportunities locally, as well as in Africa and offshore destinations. Glodina’s management team holds an excellent position on the experience curve in textiles and are transforming Glodina as the textile industry adapts to the principles of both “fit for purpose” and “speed to market”. Glodina’s strategy is to align itself with the business intent of its customers with innovation, responsiveness and reliability.

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September 10

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Blignaunt Street, Blignaut Park
Wellington Western Cape 7655
+021 873 2813