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Who are we?

Our vision, Where Every Child Is Equipped For Life, is directly linked to the fact that a primary school is a place of security and safety where learners are encouraged to make use of the opportunities to participate in as many activities as possible, so that they can enter High School and life with a variety of skills and knowledge. The staff of Huguenot Primary School is dedicated to our mission which states that we are a diverse educational institution with a Chiristian ethos, but with great tolerance and understanding towards other religious groups. We strive for excellence and the complete development of each child: academically, physically, socially and spiritually. Through professional education we want to ensure optimal growth and high quality sport and cultural exposure.

Recent Activity

September 13

Sune Samuels @Hugenote Primary School posted the photos: 97f792020c12985f67cac3df8e09a239_f153, 5649_Huguenot_Primary_02, 5649_Huguenot_Primary_01 (Places)

7 years ago

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General Hertzog Avenue
Wellington Western Cape 7655
+021 8731362