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La Chaumière Wine Estate

  • 32 Cabriere Street
  • Franschhoek, Western Cape
  • 7690
  • +021 876 4830

Who are we?

The sweetness and charm of living in Franschhoek are obvious at first glance. the light has a truly exceptional quality, the climate is temperate enough to mark the passing of the seasons, and the architecture is very rich, mainly because of the ubiquitous cape Dutch style, so distinctive and welcoming. And then there are the people of Franschhoek, men and women who share a singular devotion to beautiful landscapes and beautiful things, and a unique approach to fine living. Visitors come to Franschhoek to savour its delicious cuisine, to succumb to the charm of its small hotels, or simply to amble through the valley, past the vineyards that have made it famous, in the shadows of the majestic mountains that look down on it. After spending just a few days here, so many people decide to make Franschhoek their home that one wonders whether the valley has the power to bewitch!

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32 Cabriere Street
Franschhoek Western Cape 7690
+021 876 4830