Lemon & Lime Shuttle

Tour Operators
  • 9 Bloekom Ave, Hillcrest, Wellington, 7655
  • Wellington, Western Cape
  • 7655
  • +27 (0) 65 133 2829

Who are we?

Lemon & Lime was founded in Feb 2019 by Shane Koeries with the assistance of his friend Abraham Moses to establish a shuttle service in Wellington to transport people to the airport and locally, and are in the Golf Guide market.

Recent Activity

September 18

Jacky Hartzenberg @Lemon & Lime posted the photos: FB_IMG_1600336493088, FB_IMG_1600336530669, FB_IMG_1600336520287, 117364803_181766289989501_1816038437975624158_n, FB_IMG_1600336578862, FB_IMG_1600336573668 (Places)

3 years ago

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