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Who are we?

Versailles was one of the original farms granted to French Huguenots in 1699. The Malan family, owners of the farm for six generations, can likewise claim a proud and ancient Huguenot lineage. A venerable winemaking tradition established by these ancestors has resulted in a variety of excellent wines – from the superb Malan de Versailles collection, to their most recent addition – the easy-drinking Versailles range. Situated on the ancient floodplain of the Berg River, Versailles boasts a mixture of rich alluvial soil and mountain shale typical of Wellington’s low-lying areas.The hot summer days and cool winter nights combine to create an ideal climate for quality wine production. Although 1600 tons of grapes are harvested annually, only the choicest hand-picked berries from the best vineyard blocks are selected for their own-label wines. The grapes are pressed on the farm, and matured in the original cellar used by their forefathers to produce wine for the local and export markets.

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PO.Box 597
Wellington Western Cape 7655
+021 873 2618