Ou Kaya Padstal & Kwekery

  • 12 B Stokery Road
  • Wellington, Western Cape
  • 7655
  • +073 665 6703

Who are we?

What is a small town without a “padstal”? Wellington has its own Ou Kaya Padstal and Nursery situated on the R44. They sell the most delicious pies and sweet things and you can wonder around for ages looking at all the interesting products for sale. Their nursery specializes in cacti and succulents which is the appropriate greenery to plant in these times of drought and water restrictions. Do yourself a favour and visit them! They are open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Recent Activity

September 10

Sunè Samuels @Ou Kaya Padstal & Kwekery posted the photos: 5588_oukaya, 5588_kaya3, 5588_kaya1, 5588_IMG_20200909_160814, 5588_IMG_20200909_160752, 5588_IMG_20200909_160735, 5588_kaya2, 5588_IMG_20200909_155753, 5588_IMG_20200909_160657, 5588_IMG_20200909_160652, 5588_IMG_20200909_155947 (Places)

3 years ago

September 13

Sune Samuels @Ou Kaya Padstal & Kwekery posted the photos: 5588_Ou_Kaya_Padstal__Kwekery_01, 5588_Ou_Kaya_Padstal__Kwekery_05, 5588_Ou_Kaya_Padstal__Kwekery_04, 5588_Ou_Kaya_Padstal__Kwekery_03 (Places)

7 years ago

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12 B Stokery Road
Wellington Western Cape 7655
+073 665 6703