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Who are we?

Tucked away from the bustling metropolis of Cape Town, the Cape Winelands region is a rural enchantment of dramatic mountains, rolling farmlands and peaceful vineyards. From Cape Town, the gateway to this area of endless possibilities is Stellenbosch, leading visitors through the tiny village of Pniel to the gastronomic capital of Franschhoek, and then on to Route 62, arguably, the longest wine route in the world, taking the cellars of Wellington, Paarl, Tulbagh, Worcester, Rawsonville, Robertson and De Doorns to Montagu in the east. Explore some more and you’ll discover another world… from tiny olive farms, hand-crafted cheeses, to wide open skies, craggy mountain passes and jealously guarded Fynbos Floral Kingdom. Nowhere else in the world do wine, food, cultural fusion, scenery and nature join forces to provide such a soul-enriching, colourful travel experience.


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Organization Information

  • Address: 29 Du Toit Street, Stellenbosch
  • Services: Cape Winelands Regional Tourism Organisation
  • Key People: Council, Executive Mayor, Municipal Manager
  • Area(s) Served: Cape Winelands District
  • Hours of operation: 07:45 - 16:30
  • Type: Government

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